Stain Removal


We offer Stain removal services to customers in Greater Manchester. In case you wonder how to clean a carpet or upholstery stain, we can send a team of experts and help you remove any spot or stain off your home furniture.

Why is Professional Stain Removal Recommended?

People make one of the largest investments for upholstery which is very expensive and when it comes to stain removal we always advise our customers to use professional service because you don’t want to ruin your precious stuff, right?

Some stains are easy to remove but others require expert touch, special equipment and detergents. If you want to avoid any damage to your home furnishings, you should ask for help of professional cleaners.

We guarantee to

  • Our complete stains removal service has been especially designed to help you deal with the most difficult spots regardless of their origin.
  • High-quality detergents
  • Use of eco-friendly products according to the type of the stains.
  • Our cleaning experts work reliably and quickly

Our promises to you

We are not the cheapest but with the best equipment and training we think you are getting the best value for money with our service. In the face of the recession we have chosen to uphold our standards and service quality so customers know what to expect from us time after time.

  • 24 Hours Emergency Services all week
  • Convenient, on-time appointments
  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas, stains and odour
  • Quick drying time
  • Competitive and fair prices
  • No extra charges or hidden surprises
  • Eco friendly products
  • 100% Safe Cleaning Solutions