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Top Class Carpet Cleaning Service In Greater Manchester

If you want to assure a completely germ-free environment in your property, then you should get our professional help for the deep cleaning process Our team has related expertise and they know to manage a neat and clean place for a long time.

Our natural, deep-down Carpet Cleaning will leave you with visibly cleaner carpets while improving durability and extend their life and will assure a place which is hygienic to live and work.

we are also flexible with working hours and can accommodate almost any schedule whether short notice or unsociable hours. for any cleaning emergency, Our expert local teams can come at short notice and deal with any stain.

Our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the most effective up to date chemicals available today. Our pet-friendly solutions help with those unexpected pet accidents which happen from time to time.

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Our Approach and Methods


We use Prochem which is the leading recognised name in carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Prochem products have been considered as the industry standard for over 35 years and are used in many different countries around the world. their products are suitable for carpet and upholstery cleaning and they are recognised for their superior quality and unparalleled performance.

Using a truck-mounted system, we are completely independent and don’t need your water, electricity or drains for disposal.


Hot water extraction
known as steam cleaning, this method uses equipment that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals, on the carpet. At the same time, it vacuums the sprayed water along the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved. It is widely recommended by most carpet manufacturers and NCCA as the most efficient method to clean most types of carpets.

  • Recognized as the most efficient method among industry experts
  • Reduces allergen amounts significantly – good solution for families with little children and pets
  • All bio-contaminants such as microbes, mites and bed bugs are destroyed by the heated water
  • It allows for 100% eco cleaning for carpets which are not extremely dirty
  • Air quality is significantly improved after a procedure as air filtering ability of the textile floor is renewed

1469570340_icon-23-starWe guarantee to:

  • Give you noticeably Cleaner Carpets for longer
  • Gladly move all of your furniture and put it back when we’re finished
  • Extend the quality & life of your carpets
  • Kill the breeding bugs which are hiding deep down in your carpet
  • Give you a dryer, faster and healthier cleaning process

1469570462_currency_blue_poundOur promises to you

We are not the cheapest but with the best equipment and training, we think you are getting the best value for money with our service. In the face of the recession we have chosen to uphold our standards and service quality so customers know what to expect from us time after time.

  • 24 Hours Emergency Services all week
  • Convenient, on-time appointments
  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas, stains and odour
  • Quick drying time
  • Competitive and fair prices
  • No extra charges or hidden surprises
  • Eco-friendly products
  • 100% Safe Cleaning Solutions

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